Help us change a child's life and double your impact!

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"There are many little ways to enlarge your world. Love of books is the best of all." Jacqueline Kennedy

Right now, there are children in your community who do not have access to books. As small as they are, research has shown that having books in the home increases educational success regardless of parents' occupations, education level, and family wealth.*

Each year, All Ages Read Together (AART) gives away over 5,000 books to children in need in Northern Virginia. Since the pandemic began, we have had more requests for books because access to public libraries has been severely restricted.

We believe the power of books can transform a child's life.

Books play a quintessential role in all preschool education around the world because the focus is on building pre-reading skills like turning pages, identifying sight words, exposure to language, and following a narrative to predict what happens next.

The success of learning and mastering these skills can lead to effective reading by third grade.

AART is a free preschool program that serves low-to-moderate income families in Northern Virginia who cannot afford the cost of preschool. We continue to operate and serve families during the pandemic and are anticipating a greater need for our services as families continue to deal with economic hardships. We created a safety protocol so classes could initially meet outside then transition to remote instruction. We also added a parent education component to strengthen our connection with parents during this challenging time.

This Giving Tuesday, will you help us change a life by giving a book?

Every dollar raised this Giving Tuesday will go directly to our 2020-2021 book fund that is thoughtfully curated by our staff.

Each week, an engaging book is used to highlight an academic skill (color identification, counting, shapes, etc.) or a social/emotional skill (making friends, identifying emotions, inclusion, etc.) for our students to learn. Our hands-on learning environment is individualized to meet our students where they are.

AART Board members have seen first hand the power books play in a child's life and have put together a $10,000 match for Giving Tuesday. EVERY DOLLAR DONATED WILL BE DOUBLED!

The average cost of each book is $4.00. When you donate:
  • $24.00, that = 12 books for students! 6 from YOU + 6 from our MATCH.
  • $48.00, that = 24 books for students! 12 from YOU + 12 from our MATCH.
  • $96.00, that = 48 books for students! 24 from YOU + 24 from our MATCH.
  • $120.00, that = 60 books for students! 30 from YOU + 30 from our MATCH.
  • $144.00, that = 72 books for students! 36 from YOU + 36 from our MATCH.

Who we are: All Ages Read Together is a free preschool program educating children in need in their communities. We provide classes directly in the communities we serve so our families have easy access to quality early education without transportation barriers.

Who we serve: We operate in communities within Loudoun and Fairfax County, serving families who are considered low-to-moderate income. They may not qualify for public preschool and therefore have to pay out of pocket. This is an additional expense their budget cannot afford. If children cannot read at a basic reading level by the 3rd grade, they are six times more likely to drop out of high school (Hernandez).

What we do: We provide a safe and welcoming classroom, with experienced teachers and bilingual assistants. AART's preschool classes are designed to introduce and reinforce class routines along with learning foundational academic and social emotional skills. We strive to have each student ready for kindergarten on day one!

What we are raising: $20,520 for our 2020-2021 book budget! Thanks to our generous AART Board, every dollar raised will be matched up to $10,000.00!

Click the red donate button at the top of the page to give today!

* "Each additional book has a greater impact on the performance of someone who only has a small home library than it does on the performance of someone from a home overflowing with books. The second and third book have much greater impacts than the 102nd or 103rd." (Evans, M.D.R., Kelley, J., Sikora, J.)